Patrick Dobson

Web Developer

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Prudential portfolio

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For my role in Prudential I worked in a tight knit team of three developers. Our main work was developing single page, responsive financial calculators for use by both end customers and financial advisers.

The calculators were built using the following technologies:

The calculations within the tools were created by in-house actuaries and converted into pure javascript calculations. Certain data such as calculation variables, default values and textual information were stored in JSON files to enable easy updating. Most calculators were updated every April in line with tax/legislation changes.

Most calculators also included custom print options to allow the printing or downloading of reports based on the calculator outputs.

The live calculators can be viewed at & The websites are out of my control and may be changed.

Below are shown a series of screenshots of some of the calculators (Click images to view full size)

Annual allowance calculator App generation tool Available funds #1 Available funds #2 Client finder #1 Client finder #2 Client finder #3 Collectives vs bonds Discounted gift trust Emergency tax tool #1 Emergency tax tool #2 Extracting company profits Full bond calculator #1 Full bond calculator #2 Investment calculator ISA cost calculator #1 ISA cost calculator #2 Retirement modeller #1 Retirement modeller #2 Trust and application tool
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